Nice that you are interested in who we are and what we are doing!

We are Claudine and Mila.

Both studying stage and costume design at the HfBK in Dresden.

This semester's topic has been 'the archive'. We were looking at the mechanisms behind the term, questioning the power of those who archive, who decide what is being archived and what is being left out. 

Even if we are really lucky to be in a student position right now, we also had to face the fact of all our projects being cancelled or postponed due to Corona.

This made us think about all the human beings creating, generating, performing art who existentially depend on working together, depend on working with physical touch, on working with bodies and of course, last but not least, depend on an audience.


We wanna know!


That is why we've decided to use the time and opportunity to try to reach artists from all over the world and find out how they experience this time.


We are trying to give a platform to your voices by creating an unconventional archive. Also, we are planning a performative installation that will be presented, at the very latest, at the IMPULSE Festival 2021. 



Until then we will keep you updated about our work in progress on this website!